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Sweet Pineapple Saute

Pineapple slices sautéed in sugar and served with cream sauce make a simple, quick, and delicious dessert. In this video, you’ll learn how to make sweet pineapple sauté. We’ll show you how to cut a whole pineapple into wedges. Then you’ll see how to make an easy sugar syrup for browning your pineapple slices. Add a little cream to the pan to create a delicious sauce to spoon over the sautéed pineapple slices.

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  • Roses94

Can we use canned pineapples? I would love to try this recipe!!!

  • MrsFisher0729

I'm wondering about the measurements. There is no way a stick of butter and one cup of sugar went into the pan at the beginning.

  • Tanya Lawrence

yes your right the measurements are off I ended up making a soup of butter and sugar . I think its 2 tea spoons of butter and like 1\4 cup of sugar