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How to Make Salmon Croquettes

Salmon croquettes with remoulade sauce may sound fancy, but this recipe is actually very simple and easy to make. In this video, you’ll learn how to make quick salmon patties with a spicy Cajun remoulade sauce. You’ll start by mixing canned salmon with ingredients like Dijon mustard and bread crumbs. You’ll see how to form the salmon patties and cook them in olive oil on the stovetop. Then we’ll show you how to make a quick Cajun remoulade sauce, the spicier cousin of the classic French tartar sauce. Golden brown salmon patties with remoulade sauce are perfect for a busy weeknight meal or a quick and easy lunch.

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  • StephStudd

This may be a dumb question, but I have been wondering why/how to add videos to the recipie box? Yes, I'm new to this site!!

  • Sage Jaboa Wood

Hi sweetie. I had the same question but I found out unfortunately we cannot add videos at all. Only text recipes can be added. I do hope they change their policy with this inconvenience someday. Have a blessed evening.

  • badugub

Why Worcester sauce???????