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French Toast Casserole

In this video, you’ll see how to make a top-rated French toast breakfast casserole. It’s easy to make. You’ll see different kinds of breads to use, and then see how to prepare all the ingredients, including the cinnamon-sugar topping. So delicious, it’s the ideal brunch recipe. Watch the video, then get the recipe for STARFLOWER’s 5-star French Toast Casserole.

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  • reet

Recently made this French toast casserole for brunch for my daughter and her husband and two teenage grandsons. BIG hit!! There was none left. Thanks for a great receipe!

  • chim80

I have made this as well and it was very good but I let the bread soak in the mixure for moisture and creamy so good

  • whiteonyx

i would mix the cinnamon & sugar topping into the egg/milk mixture & instead of adding the egg/milk mix to the bread, i'd add the bread to the egg/milk mix. less messy & easier to coat all the bread evenly. then dump the soaked bread into the greased casserole dish & bake it as directed... you'd end up with a more evenly coated french toast casserole & it is more efficient..