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Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings

See how to make authentic Buffalo wings that taste just like the kind the famous restaurant chain serves. In this video, you’ll learn the keys to getting the very best hot wings. A little cayenne and hot sauce give a kick to this 5-star hot wing recipe. You’ll also see how to deep-fry your wings and discover the best type of oil to use for deep-frying. You can also use this recipe to make baked Buffalo wings. They’re excellent either way! See how it’s done. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Kelly’s Restaurant-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings.

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  • Rick

I just had these last night and they were great and the kids couldn't get enough, instead of adding the sauce over top you get a large bowl, put wings in bowl right out of the fryer pour sauce over wings and toss to evenly coat. This is the best way, then they are just like the restaurant other than that this is a wonderful appy or dinner.

  • Anika K.

this video was helpful..but I couldn't get over the bits of feathers on the wings.. grossed me out.. please clean wings in future especially when making a video

  • jen

I love the buffalo wings at buffalo wild wings!!!!!