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Boston Baked Beans

In this video, you’ll see how to make delicious Boston baked beans from scratch. Though you need to soak the beans overnight, once you get cooking, the recipe is easy. The key is layering some of the ingredients like bacon and onion as the beans bake. These old-fashioned beans are great with cornbread or biscuits—and are so tasty you’ll never go back to canned. Watch the video, then get the recipe for AJRHODES3’s Boston Baked Beans.

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  • lisamechele

I notice you are using Penzey Spices (I use that compny myslf). As for the salt issue: 2t would mean 2t of KOSHER rather than granulated, right?

  • Alberto Díaz Araujo

You must NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use the water in which the beans were soaked. NEVER !!!! The acids that blend into the water is what produces gas. You must use clean water.

  • Dinah Helpert

Yes, I agree, you must not use the water that the beans were soaked in.