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How to Make a Volcano Cake

Make a big bang at your next birthday party with this amazing, molten lava-spewing volcano cake. Use any cake recipe for this, baking the cake inside a metal bowl. You’ll see how to build your cake into a tall volcano shape. You’ll also get tips for frosting the cake and for turning raspberry jam into “molten lava” and pretzels dipped in colored coconut shavings into edible trees. So much fun! This is a special occasion cake to remember! For tips on decorating cakes, head over to our blog.

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  • littlebabyturtle

I made this for my Earth Science class and it was great!


Very clever! This cake would be nice as a dessert for a luau but I would leave off the dinosaurs.

  • Love2cook

i love this idea i will usse it for my luau birthday party!