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Jungle Animal Cupcakes

Watch how to make wildly fun animal cupcakes the kids will go ape for! Giraffes, tigers, monkeys, and elephants. You’ll start by making regular cupcakes using your favorite cake recipe. Then you’ll see how to make the long neck of a giraffe from pretzel sticks and an elephant trunk from a licorice twist; a vanilla cookie makes a great monkey mouth. It’s amazing what you can create with a few well-placed candies and cookies on your cupcakes. Watch all the fun, creative tricks! To get started, grab a cupcake recipe, and some frosting. Then, head over to our blog to learn how to frost cupcakes.

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  • juledawg

i just mae the june animals cues and they are so cute!!!

  • luvtobake14

SO YUMMY!!!!!!!

  • Kiesha Mesey

Looks really good