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World's Fastest Meatballs

See a few simple shortcuts to make the fastest meatballs ever! There’s no chopping, no rolling, no frying or baking. This is the meatballs recipe to turn to if you’re craving meatballs on a weeknight but don’t have tons of time. You can use any combination of ground meat. Check out the recipe for World’s Fastest Meatballs. In the video, Chef John uses ground beef and ground veal. With this method, there’s no need to fret about over-combining your meat mixture—these meatballs are indestructible. You’ll see the secret trick that makes these the easiest, quickest meatballs you’ll ever make. Another time-saving trick? Popping them into the broiler. Broiling your meatballs takes about half the time that baking or frying them does. Slide them into a tomato sauce, and you’re ready to eat delicious, flavorful spaghetti sauce with meatballs!

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  • Marie

How much hamburg and veal and bread crumbs?

  • MimiV

Faroe47, of course you can get the recipe into your just didn't look closely! I just put it in mine!

  • RM

Just click on the name of the recipe in the commentary below the video. It opens up the recipe and allows you to move it to your recipe box.