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Authentic Margherita Pizza

In this video, Jerry Corso, owner of Bar del Corso, reveals the secret to making the best pizza. You’ll see how to make a simple margherita pizza using just a handful of ingredients, including fresh basil and mozzarella. The key is to start with fresh, quality ingredients and then allow the ingredients to really show themselves off. You’ll also learn the benefits of cooking your pizza on a pizza stone on high heat. Find out what makes a really good pizza. It may be less than you think. Get the recipe for Authentic Margherita Pizza. For more Welcome World Cuisine recipes and videos>>

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  • foodelicious

Beautiful video! And Bar del Corso is awesome. I've had the very great pleasure of eating there - and as my husband says, you could live off that pizza crust.

  • jglorioso

Love this video. The recipe turned out perfect. I was able to make 4 small pizzas from the recipe. I love how the crust flavor is nice and light. I will be making this often! I finally found a homeade pizza dough that's perfect.

  • witchywoman

I enjoyed this video...I'm going to try these this summer on the grill!