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Authentic Pad Thai

In this video, you’ll see how to make traditional Pad Thai, and discover a little something about the culture of Thai cooking. You’ll get tips for preparing rice noodles correctly and get the recipe for tamarind sauce, the sauce that makes authentic Pad Thai so delicious. Then you’ll see how to put everything together to create an amazing sweet and savory noodle dish. Garnish your Pad Thai with chopped chives, a sprinkle of paprika, lemon wedges, and fresh bean sprouts. Get the recipe for Authentic Pad Thai. For more Welcome World Cuisine recipes and videos>>

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  • Jamie Justice Yost

The very first time I tried to make pad thai, it must have been beginner's luck because it was awesome. Subsequent attempts? Not so much. Trying this out tonight with these tips - thanks!

  • witchywoman

Great tips!! I really dig this video!

  • Laguna Lala

I really enjoyed this video. It's source was authentic and the way the man speaks of his mother's cooking was so sweet. I also appreciated his comparison with American tastes when he spoke of ketchup being used instead of the tamarind. My daughter loves this type of food so maybe I could pull this off with success with this video to help me.