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How to Slice a Peach

In this video, you’ll see how to slice a ripe peach into uniform slices. The trick is to set your mark, make a forward slice halfway through the peach, and then pull the knife backward to complete the slice. Watch Chef John in action! Then when peaches are at their juiciest best, grab a bunch and practice. Sliced peaches are perfect on salads, with ice cream, or just nibbled on as you’re happily slicing away. See our complete recipe collection for Fresh Peaches.

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  • JL Wells

So what happened to the pit or the stone of the peach?

  • ohtexas

yeah, the difficult part of preparing peaches is not the slicing once it's pitted, it's the removing of the pit itself that is most difficult. this isn't a particularly helpful video...

  • Chunka

yep, slicing is the easy to remove the pit in a simple, non-messy way would be more helpful..