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How to Make Homemade Egg Pasta

You know that pasta maker you got as a gift? It’s high time to put it to good use, because you’re just three ingredients away from delicious homemade pasta. In this video, you’ll get an easy flour, salt, and egg pasta recipe. Easy, step-by-step instructions take you through mixing the dough, chilling it, and sending it through the pasta roller attachment on your stand mixer. Plus learn useful tips for getting the best results all along the way.

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  • ebigg

mmm...... looks good got to go try...... i always thought making homemade pasta was very hard.. only for executive chefs well by by box pasta hello homemade pasta

  • Anna

I have the KitchenAide pasta attachment [for MANY years now and shame on me, I have never used it]- however I have a granddaughter who can no longer have wheat in any form. I need to get creative with other types of flour. Does ANYONE know if rice and/or potato flour can be used successfully with the pasta recipes? I want to start small and - hopefully - enlarge on my successes! I must think positively, right? I will appreciate any and all comments/suggestions/recipes.

  • preed

I thought this site might be helpful to you. I've never made noodle with spelt, but can't imagine why it wouldn't work. You might want to also try Spaetzel. A German noodle-type dish. Good luck. I hope you find something she loves as much as pasta. P.S. Trader Joe sells a brown rice noodle in their dry pasta aisle.