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How to Carve a Potato Box

Watch Chef John carve a potato ball from a little potato box carved from an actual potato! It’s easy. It only looks difficult. Chef John will show you how it’s done. Is the potato box some kind of complicated metaphor? Or is it just a potato ball carved from a potato box that was carved from a potato? You decide. Watch the video, and enjoy!

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  • cakelady

Just watched the potato ball video and that was so cool. I wonder if you can cook it or if it's just for show on a display table. Either way that was really cool.

  • ChefJohn

Hard to cook by boiling, as the thinner box edges will cook and break up before the ball cooks. Try sticking three toothpicks in the ball to act as legs to keep the ball from touching the box, then steaming it in a microwave for a couple of minutes. You then need to carefully immerse in cold water before draining. - A lot of work for a very small result. An easier decoration, with less waste, is to turn (carve) football shapes, grooving the seams and laces with a knife edge, Steam these in a microwave till almost cooked and lightly deep fry to make the scored lines stand out. Much easier, with (almost) all the praise!

  • sheila

I have just heard your voice for a long time on your amazing wonderful to put a face to it! I'm seriously going to give this potato project a try?