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Beef Bulgogi (Korean-Style Barbecue)

The first secret to exceptional Bulgogi beef is to marinate the meat before cooking. So begin with crushed garlic, onion, grated ginger and sesame oil combined with brown sugar, a splash of soy sauce and a sprinkle of Korean chili flakes (called Gochugaru). A peeled, grated Asian pear adds some sweetness and will actually help tenderize the meat. This magical marinade works beautifully with chicken, pork and beef, but Chef John prefers boneless short ribs. Strips of it are tossed in the marinade and refrigerated for an hour or two. To cook, a smoking-hot cast iron skillet gets brushed with a bit olive oil and the short ribs are spread across it in a single layer. After five minutes and a few flips the meat is ready to be served immediately over steamed white rice with a side of kimchi topped with green onions. Get the recipe for Bulgogi Beef.

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