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Baked Slow Cooker Chicken

See how to make an incredibly easy slow cooker “baked” chicken. How simple is it? Just put a seasoned whole chicken in the slow cooker in the morning and have delicious golden-brown “baked” chicken for dinner in the evening. This amazing 5-star recipe is among the most popular on the site. Watch how easy it is to prepare. For a complete meal, add vegetables like carrots and potatoes to the slow cooker. You’ll see a great trick that keeps the bottom of the chicken from getting soggy. Get Cotton’s recipe for Baked Slow Cooker Chicken.

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  • Mousse

Are you supposed to add water to this slow cooker before adding the chicken? Also, if you are supposed to put the vegetables under the chicken, do they also have to sit on foil?

  • Kathy60

I, too, am waiting to hear where to put the vegetables.

  • Ginger

You put the carrots and potatoes under the chicken, they don't have to be on the foil. No, there is no need to add water,