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Sangria! Sangria!

In this video, you’ll see how to make fruity and refreshing homemade sangria. This festive, 5-star Spanish punch recipe combines fruit juices, brandy, and red wine, sweetened just a bit with triple sec. Sipping this refreshing cocktail on a warm day feels like a vacation no matter where you are! If you want a slightly sweeter version, try substituting ginger ale for the dry club soda. For best results, refrigerate this classic Spanish punch overnight. Garnish your sangria with maraschino cherries and sliced oranges, lemons, and limes. Get the recipe for Sangria! Sangria!.

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  • Mauxjen

Are you sure that there is enough booze in this? Holy moly!

  • MamaKaryn Eaves

OMG in the biggest way! There is nothing better than homemade Sangria, and Ive made many varieties (try white wine) but this version is really excellent...spring for the good stuff if you can...but even if you go mid to low shelf this is still a dynamite recipe

  • Cindy

I think the optional sugar should be fructose instead of a cane sugar. That's just my opinion.