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World’s Best Lasagna

In this video, you’ll see how to make the world’s best lasagna from scratch! The secret to John Chandler’s recipe is the slow-simmering meat sauce! It takes a little time to make this authentic lasagna, but the rewards are worth it. This delicious classic lasagna is cheesy and saucy and keeps people coming back for more. See John’s top-rated recipe for World’s Best Lasagna. It’s not just one of the most popular lasagna recipes on Allrecipes, it’s one of the most popular recipes period.

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  • chris1857

Trying this this can find Sweet Italian Sausage..Johnsonville (yes the Brat maker) makes it.

  • Mickey

I make this at least once a month exactly as recipe calls (always had sauce left) so dont be shy when using ..excellent !

  • Ms.Diane

Way, way, way too much salt!!! I felt like I ruined a good recipe, which was quite costly, by using the whole tablespoon of salt.