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Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes

In this video, you’ll see how to make tender scalloped potatoes in a creamy cheese sauce. You’ll also get helpful tips for avoiding lumps in the sauce. Deliciously addictive, this popular au gratin potatoes recipe makes a great side dish for roast pork, beef, or Easter ham. Get Cathy’s 5-star recipe for Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes.

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  • Former buffaloian

I am sorry to say my husband prefers the box of Betty Crocker! I used 2 cups of cheese, some Lawry's seasoned salt and it still was lack luster. At least I used my some potatoes that were starting to grow and milk before it was outdated!

  • Needie

Whenever I am cooking a potato dish like this one. One that calls for the oven to be on so long. I always cook them in the microwave a little first. This way my oven isn't running up the electric bill so much just for one dish. I do the same thing with meatloaf. I even do this when grilling in the summer for whole potatoes or diced potatoes with onions and green peppers. Especially in the warmer months.

  • vicki

Made this recipe tonight, and it was delickous! I used a 2 qt casserole. Four Russet potatoes don't fit in a one qrt, especially when you pour in the sauce. The person who posted this recipe must have used very small potatoes. I used Cheddar/Jack cheese, because its what I already had.