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Microwave Baked Potato

This video shows you how to get yummy, oven-baked baked-potato flavor using your microwave. All you need are 12 minutes. The trick is turning over the potato halfway through—and then returning it the microwave for a quick minute after you’ve prepared it with salt, pepper, butter, and cheese. Nothing’s as comforting as a baked potato with all the fixings! Get CJME’s 5-star recipe for Microwave Baked Potato.

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  • robertpri

I have not "baked" a potato since microwaves were invented.

  • plamuk aka travellingchef

This can be classified as a "baked potato" but it is never the same as the real thing. When growing up in London, we placed the potatoes into the ashes of a hot fire. Alternatively, in the summer (no fire available) it was put into the oven at a high temperature. (Didn't have any foil in those days so we just cooked the food without and it was better tasting and real home made.) The skin would be crisp, not soft and soggy like from a microwave, and the inside light and fluffy, never wet and mushy like a microwave can produce. Thanks all. Nuf sed. Plamuk aka travellingchef.

  • plamuk aka travellingchef

Also, the description is incomplete and does now mention the time for the second return to the microwave. Mashing the potato after cooking and then placing ingredients on top and returning it to the microwave can make the result very greasy. When baking potatoes in a regular oven, do not wrap in foil as that produces a "steamed" potato, again soggy not fluffy. Only just pierce the skin when prepping, not all the way in as demonstrated. Thanx all. Nuf Sed. plamuk aka travellingchef