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Cranberry Cornish Hens

Cornish game hens are just the right size to make individual servings for your dinner guests, and they are so easy to prepare. In this video, you’ll get a simple but sensational recipe for roasted Cornish hens glazed with cranberry sauce. Canned cranberry sauce whisked with wine and lemon juice makes a sweet/tart glaze as well as a sauce to serve on the side, and springs of fresh rosemary add herby, earthy flavor. Perfect for holidays and other special occasions, but without the fuss of cooking large roasts.

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  • Jo Tate

Yes, a printed version would be very handy for saving in my recipe file and working in the kitchen.

  • vicilou

so excited to have actual recipe! Thank you!!

  • barb

You can always write the recipe down, but I must say that it's more convenient to be able to print it up. I've made these twice,the first time I made them just for us. They were so good that I made them for a dinner party. Our guests were very happy with them. I served them with Uncle Ben's mushroom rice and roasted asparagus with lemon and lemon pepper. I love everyone choosing their own little hens. Will use this recipe again.