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How to Make Cottage Fries

In this video, Chef John shows you how to make cottage fries baked in the oven. Crispy and crunchy around the edge, tender on the inside, these fries are like big potato chips with succulent centers. If the oven-baked cottage fry is kind of America’s forgotten fry, Chef John works here to return cottage fries to their rightful place beside other classics of the French fry family. This video will reveal the best kind of potatoes to use for cottage fries. You'll see how to prep the potatoes and how to tame the starch a little. Coated with salt, pepper, and dried-herbs, these cottage fries come out of the oven beautifully browned and crisped. Check out the recipe for Chef John’s Cottage Fries. So simple, easy, and delicious!

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  • Pillowtrot

Amazing that he calls this "simple" and "easy." If I have to babysit the oven and turn that many potato slices by hand a half-dozen times, then transfer them individually to a rack, this recipe is neither simple nor easy.

  • Lee Crowell

These. are. slammin'. My son never met a potato he liked that didn't take an oil bath under the Golden Arches. He snarfed these down. And I found them incredibly easy. Put in. Set timer and get some other junk done. Flip (took less than a minute - I timed it). Repeat. Chef John rocks!

  • honeyhoneyhoney_girl

Does anybody know what the name of the song in True Blood's trailer on this site is?