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Stuffed Green Peppers I

In this video, you’ll see how to make baked green peppers stuffed with a tasty mixture of ground beef, tomatoes, rice, and cheese. So simple and delicious! This popular five-star recipe has more than 1,200 rave reviews. Now you can see how it’s made! Get Suzanne’s recipe for Stuffed Green Peppers I.

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  • Chappy

Swap the rice for 1/2 cooked Barley MMMMMMM!

  • angela

sounds good but I think it is too much cooking time for a weeknight.

  • Bill Methatswho

Interesting take on this dish--many of the oven cooked ones are blah. My late dad was a chef and I use his method. Stuff the peppers with your seasoned beef mixture (precooked rice added to it if desired), and slowly cook them in a large pot on the stove top in tomato sauce, basting with the sauce occasionally. Serve with some of the tomato sauce that reduces while cooking, and it's delicious--plus the excess sauce has made a terrific Tomato Pepper soup that we enjoy.