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Baked Ziti I

In this video, you’ll see how to make a top-rated baked ziti. This winning recipe has been saved to 90,000 recipe boxes. Now see how to make it! A versatile one-dish meal, it can go vegetarian with ease—leave out the meat, and it’s still delicious. This is baked ziti at its best, a must for pot lucks and weeknight dinners alike! Get Colleen’s recipe for Baked Ziti I.

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  • Kellysaxez

lmao Molly!

  • Artie Bucco wannabe

I tried half ziti, half penne. came out crisp, how I like it. Use bit of extra sauce and don't forget the garlic bread

  • Molly  Comrie

Got enough cheese in there to choke a horse!