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Quick and Easy Alfredo Sauce

See how to make a five-star Alfredo sauce that really hits the trifecta! It’s rich and creamy but also simple and inexpensive to make. Cream cheese makes the difference! This is a great anytime recipe, but also a hit with guests. It has it all! No wonder this popular recipe has more than 60,000 recipe box saves! See Dawn’s recipe for Quick and Easy Alfredo Sauce.

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  • AlleyKat

Wouldn't even try this. A real Alfredo is not hard to make. The elimination of egg yolks and the use of cream cheese ruins the richness of the original. It may be uick & "easy" but it's not Alfredo.

  • mjt6693

Just try it Alley you may like it, They did say "quick and easy" it may not be the original but it's for starters and it looks delicious

  • Gen 49:20

Good grief, it says quick and easy alfredo, so it's obviously going to be different than the original. I'll give it a try!!