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Stuffed Peppers

In this video, you’ll see how to prepare green bell peppers stuffed with a savory rice and ground beef mixture. The cooked rice and ground beef are seasoned with tomato sauce and baked until tender. Like little individual casseroles in their own edible containers, these stuffed peppers are always a crowd pleaser. Get the recipe for Stuffed Peppers.

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  • Richard Tebaldi

you may need a new stove! it doesn't take THAT long to preheat my oven! recipe sounds o.k. Though I would use sausage instead of hamburg for more flavor.. Thanks!

  • Tonya

Hamburger makes it own oil when browning, so why add oil to brown it?

  • MrzSandy

I agree ground meat does make its own grease but the leaner it is the less you get maybe she was trying to fry it a little quicker also but I love the recipe and I only changed one thing I boiled the peppers for 5 minutes after gutting them but besides that it was a wonderful mixture! My moms recipe was always different (very good) but I was looking for a quick change and I chose yours ....thank you sincerely, Sandy F.