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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

In this video, you’ll see how to bake a chocolate chip cookie with crisp edges and soft, chewy middles. Not just one of the most popular cookie recipes at Allrecipes, this is one of the most popular recipes period, with nearly 80,000 recipe box saves and thousands of rave reviews! Get Dora’s top-rated recipe for Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Mmm, it's the perfect cookie!

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  • Colleen Edgington

I don't make homemade chocolate chip cookies because they just usually never came out properly. Today I thought I would come onto this site and look at a recipe for CC cookies. I made this recipe and the cookies are wonderful. Love them!

  • Olivia Fitzgerald

Just soften the butter in a microwave for 15 seconds.

  • mikebp

wow this is a good recipie i love it