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The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

See how to make a classic five-star sugar cookie. This favorite Allrecipes recipe has 5,000 reviews, and an art gallery’s worth of photos of these beautifully decorated sugar cookies have been posted—more than 1,200! Get Jill’s top-rated recipe for The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies. The best part about these sugar cookies? They’re foolproof! So easy to make.

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  • Bekka

Fixed my problem by adding eggs and water. Rolled out well and is baking well at 400F for 6 min. Ingredients saved!

  • Mary Ann Cashill Smith

i place a dowel rod on either side of the dough as i roll that way it is always the same thickness i like my sugar cookies thick so i use 1/2 inch dowels but you could use any size you wanted it works great

  • Bobbi McAlister

I have trouble rolling them out to the desired depth. Is there a tool that would attach to the rolling pin to roll them out to 1/4 or 1/2 inch.