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Chocolate Pot De Crème

This grown-up version of rich chocolate pudding is a no-bake take on a classic French dessert. In this video, you’ll get a simple recipe for chocolate pot de crème [poh duh KREHM] and step-by-step instructions for whipping up chocolate chips, egg substitute, vanilla, and scalded milk in a blender. Pour into individual serving cups and refrigerate until firm. Serve with whipped cream for a special occasion dessert everyone will think you slaved over. You don’t have to tell them how easy it really was.

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  • Lisa

Yes how do you do that? Normally the recipe is included.

  • Allie

I'd like to save the recipe (not the video) to my recipe can I do that?

  • pelicangal

Wow that is certainly the easiest dessert that I have ever seen. Will keep this in mind for my next dinner party. Thanks.