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Creamy Tomato & Tuna Penne Pasta

In this video, you’ll see how to bring Parmesan cheese, cream of tomato soup, and tuna together into a simple pasta dish. This super easy, delicious, and healthy dish is loosely based on the classic diner combo of tuna melt sandwich and a cup of tomato soup. You’ll also get tips for cooking your pasta just so! Yes, cheese and tuna together, it’s not just for the tuna melt anymore! Get the recipe for Chef John’s Creamy Tomato & Tuna Penne Pasta.

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  • cursedwyvern

so how would i go about making the same recipe with regular canned tuna and the tomato soup in the red and white cans? ie ingredients i can get locally.

  • Stephen

Well the stuff in the red and white can will be way to salty, and being as its usually from concentrate getting a good creamy blend is a bit difficult. Alternatively if you want to try and make this with regular off the shelf ingredients a jar a pasta suauce, a cup of stock and a cup heavy cream simmered together is a quick and easy cream of tomato soup and cost about 3 dollars for about 4 servings. That and about 2 cans of oil should "budgetize" this recipe. As for the cheese just don't use the shake stuff. At least get the stuff out of the dairy section.

  • Stephen

That and about 2 cans of oil should "budgetize" this recipe. should read That, and about 2 cans of tuna in oil should "budgetize" this recipe.