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How to Cook Hamburgers

In this video, you’ll see how to cook hamburgers to a perfect doneness. Chef John will show you the signs that tell you when the burger is ready to flip. This method isn’t based on time but look, and after you flip it, by feel.

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  • Kevin Putnam

I really need to make my own video for making burgers. Typically I don't like to brag, but burgers are the exception. I make the best burger I've ever had, and everyone I have ever fed one to emphatically agrees. Broiling is the easiest method of cooking a burger. Also, some people say to handle the beef as little as possible so you don't ruin the texture, but I do not agree with this. It is ground beef, the texture has already been ground out of it. Push the patty down slightly flatter than you want the patty to be, then pinch the edges to form a perfect round patty. The edges should be slightly higher than the center. This keeps the edges from cracking and keeps the burger from becoming a ball as it cooks. To me a burger should be about 3/4 of an inch thick. I usually go for slightly over 1/3 a pound per patty. I've also discovered after many years of seasoning my patties that it tastes better without it. If anything I put I quick shot of worcestershire on the top right before throwi

  • Diann Santman

Have to try that, thank you

  • BBQ for life

Little disappointed was figuring it would be a grilling technique. But they do look good. Not sure you can achieve a perfect burger without actual flame.