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Savory Bacon & Crab Bread Pudding Benedict

In this video, you’ll see how to make a phenomenal bacon and crab bread-pudding dish with a full-on Benedictine twist! You’ll start with croutons as the base and bake your crab bread pudding in individual ramekins, finishing each with poached eggs and a light hollandaise sauce. Mmm, the subtle smokiness of the bacon balances beautifully against the slight sweetness of the crab. Not hard to make, but totally impressive to serve. This is the perfect brunch dish! Get the recipe for Chef John’s Savory Bacon & Crab Bread Pudding Benedict.

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  • lovestohost

You had me at "bacon"! Very informative and easy to watch/learn. I appreciate the infused humor (though, I'm teamleavethebacongrease!)!

  • Darrin

Hi, does anyone know what size ramekins were used?

  • katy8308

just a guess but i would say maybe 6 or 7 ounce ramekins