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How to Prepare Fresh Tomatoes

In this video, you’ll see the best way to easily slip the skins from tomatoes. Then you’ll discover a no-fuss method for removing the seeds and a simple technique for cutting tomatoes into a perfect dice. No skins, no seeds, no problem! Just a perfect dice. Now you’re ready to make your favorite salads, salsas, and sauces! Find top-rated recipes for fresh tomatoes.

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  • chefdaddy

I have recently made two separate batches of homemade tomato sauce and both turned out great.One mistake I made after seeing this clip,I left my tomatoes in the boiling water too long and they started breaking down a little.Not too bad though.I do try to remove as much seeds as possible,but seeds were in both batches and personally I don't mind them in it at all.My second batch was much smaller than the first and I forgot to dice and add an onion to the sauce.Oh well,live and learn.I am always looking for tips and tidbits on cooking.Thanks.

  • oldunc

I wouldn't core the tomatoes before boiling, and ctting a cross in the end is totally unnecessary. There are other ways to do this. For large quantities in sauces and soups and such, it's easiest to cut the tomatoes in half, cook them covered about ten min., and run through a food mill- this will remove seeds and skins, but of course you won't be able to dice them. For a few tomatoes, you can cut them in half and run face down over a box grater 9seed first if you prefer)- the skins will be left behind. Or hold them over and open flame for a few seconds, then plunge in cold water (ice not necessary); skins should come off easily. This can also be done in a broiler or over a grill. All of these methods work much better for tomatoes picked ripe; for supermarket tomatoes, your best bet may be a vegetable peeler.

  • holyoke1959

This is the best method for getting rid of the seeds. They made me crazy. Also I was leaving the tomato in the hot water too long. Thanks for both of these tips. Can't wait to try that tomato soup recipe. You have helped me with so many ideas and also reading others that have commented and shared their ideas.