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How to Prepare Fresh Tomatoes

In this video, you’ll see the best way to easily slip the skins from tomatoes. Then you’ll discover a no-fuss method for removing the seeds and a simple technique for cutting tomatoes into a perfect dice. No skins, no seeds, no problem! Just a perfect dice. Now you’re ready to make your favorite salads, salsas, and sauces! Find top-rated recipes for fresh tomatoes.

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  • Freda

Freda.....Have used recipe for asparagus cristless pie, what a great success it was with my friends........I am in Australia,and we are very fortunate we have asparagus all through the year although when our season finished we get imported from Peru. Thank you once again cheers Freda

  • Love2cook

I never cut into my tomato before blanching and the skins come off perfectly. I never remove the seeds either. I would think there is alot of nutrition in the seeds and it certainly doesn't harm the taste at all. Just seems like an unnecessary

  • fromma

I am trying to make a homemade pizza with the ingredients found at my local farmers' market. The even had a sour dough pizza dough, that is what inspired me. With this video I now have a fighting chance at the pizza sauce. I purchased tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh oregano, eggplant, grass fed beef, portugese sausage made with grass fed beef and local feral pig (it is the way things are done on the Big Island). I got to the market late so there is no spinach I do have some left over portugese kale that I could add. thanks for you help with the sauce...