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How to Make Simple Garlic Shrimp

The first key to garlic shrimp is to get everything prepped and ready in advance. The second key? Tons of minced garlic. Don’t be shy with the garlic! In this video, Chef John also reveals his secret ingredient for making gossip-worthy garlic shrimp. You’ll see how to avoid overcooking your shrimp using a super-fast, high-heat cooking method. Get the recipe for Chef John's Garlic Shrimp. Unbelievably delicious, these garlic shrimp are great served over rice, potatoes, pasta—any kind of starch. Chef John prefers them over toast topped with the garlic-parsley-lemon sauce.

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  • Sarah Marie Lee

I have loved every video i have watched of chef John. Does anyone know how i can see more videoes he has?


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Here's the recipe: