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Chef John's Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

Soft, rich, moist in the middle, slightly crispy around the edges, with that nutty flavor—no wonder the peanut butter cookie is America’s favorite! In this video, Chef John shows you how to make this classic cookie. No secret ingredients here and no modern techniques, just good old-fashioned peanut butter cookie goodness. You’ll see how to combine ingredients and get a great trick for making uniform-size cookies. Scoop, roll, and place the cookies on the baking sheet. Follow along with the recipe for Chef John's Classic Peanut Butter Cookies. Chef John will also show you how to perform “the old stampa-stampa” to create that signature cross-hatch mark.

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  • lauralindhe

I love the old stampa stampa. I think I'll also be picking up a sorbet scoop :)

  • Special K's Kooking

I cant wait to get started.

  • Rizza

You're so funny haha!