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Quick Pickled Jalapeno Rings

They’re classic toppers for nachos, and add zip to sandwiches, salads, and about a million other things. So pack a peck of these pickled peppers! Chef John’s “quick pickle” method is so easy. No need to vacuum-pack and boil jars, just fill them up with the peppers and pickling brine and refrigerate. True, they don’t last indefinitely, but that’s just fine—you’ll want to gobble them up immediately. Check out the recipe for Chef John's Quick Pickled Jalapeno Rings. Follow the recipe for pickling brine, and you’ll end up with almost fruity-tasting jalapeno rings that are not too spicy.

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  • Granny

Loved this man's voice. It made it much more interesting and seem like a lot more fun-keep him on the payroll. Oh, the recipe was great, too.

  • jette

Love your recipe's. Do you have a good recipe for fried dill picles? I love them together with jalopino poppers. Thank you. Jette

  • simone37

Help!!! Im using a small pyrex glass bowl with a plastic lid. Would this be ok?