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Chef John's Buffalo Chicken Dip

All the taste of chicken wings, none of the bones—or greasy mess! The key is to start with rotisserie chicken, not canned chicken. To diced-up rotisserie chicken, Chef John adds cream cheese, blue cheese crumbles, blue cheese dressing, and authentic Buffalo-style hot sauce—plus a couple secret ingredients! It’s all in there! Everything but the chicken bones! This truly is the must-have snack for the game-day buffet. Your team may not win, but this dip is always a winner! Serve it with crackers and celery sticks. Get the recipe for Chef John's Buffalo Chicken Dip.

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  • Mamie

Want to make a blue cheese/Buffalo type dip using Greek yogurt...Any suggestions or help out there for me? Thanks!

  • Archisis

It sounded great until you added blue cheese. :(

  • Tesha King

I made this for the 2014 Super Bowl and it was pretty awesome. I made a couple of changes: 1) I used ranch dressing instead of blue cheese (we were feeding kiddos as well and you know they can be). 2) I did use some blue cheese crumbles that I got from the salad bar 3)I also used some green onion throughout the dip and on top 4) I took the advice of a previous reviewer and did not put cheese on the top 4) Lastly, I adjusted the amount of dressing and buffalo sauce by tasting and my preferred texture/creaminess. All-in-all I thought it was pretty darn awesome. It's an easy recipe to adjust to your personal liking.