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Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup

In this video, Chef John shows you a few short cuts for making delicious black bean soup in just a fraction of the time it takes to make soup from dried beans. You’ll see a great technique for creating excellent texture and thickness. You’ll also get a quick recipe for a tasty garnish that adds color, texture, and bright, balancing flavor to your black bean soup. Get the recipe for Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup.

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  • Amy Parrott

LOL - Larger portions for non-vegetarians! I thought you were going to suggest leaving off the bacon, and giving a veggie like me a wonderful tip on what to use in it's place. Though ok in taste, vegetarian bacon doesn't have any of the fatty oils that regular bacon does- is there anything you'd suggest in it's place so that everyone can have a bowl? :)

  • debboo

Bacon substitutes will not work, and there is nothing that takes the place of real bacon!

  • jonifan1

This was delicious! Very easy to make. And yes Chef John, the 3 minutes of bean mashing was very meditative! ;)