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Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup

In this video, Chef John shows you a few short cuts for making delicious black bean soup in just a fraction of the time it takes to make soup from dried beans. You’ll see a great technique for creating excellent texture and thickness. You’ll also get a quick recipe for a tasty garnish that adds color, texture, and bright, balancing flavor to your black bean soup. Get the recipe for Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup.

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  • Dave C

Great soup! I added my own touches because I can't leave well enough alone! haha not really and wanted to keep it low fat and used what I had on hand. I used turkey bacon, fresh garlic and powdered garlic, chili powder, a whole can of diced tomatoes with jalepenos and 32 oz fat free chicken broth. Added more of the oregano, some basil and more cayenne. Used Lite salt and fresh cracked black pepper and topped with low fat sour cream. It's a winner! Thanks Chef, John!

  • Karla Cooks

Miss Marin, Click on the blue link "Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup" below the video. It'll take you to the written recipe which you can then save to your recipe box if you wish.

  • Rebecca S Lee

Very good!! Watched your video then made a pot of wonderful black bean soup. I added a Tablespoon of pico de gallo and sour cream to my bowl. Thank you for a "keeper" recipe.