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How to Make Peach Cobbler

In this video, you’ll see how to make delicious peach cobbler from scratch. You’ll learn why Chef John prefers freestone peaches and self-rising flour to clingstone peaches and regular flour for this cobbler. You’ll also discover Chef John’s two top-secret ingredients, which add brightness and beautiful flavor. You’ll see how to prepare the batter and then gently place peaches on top of the batter before baking in the oven. Get the recipe for Chef John's Peach Cobbler. Yes, it's the perfect summer dessert, but you can make it anytime you like with canned peaches!

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  • RainbowJewels

Another wonderful, humorous, and informative video by Chef John! I'm pretty sure the man doesn't have a sub-par recipe!

  • Debbie

The sad part about it is ... fresh peaches cost way too much, therefore making homemade is too costly.

  • JL Wells

Yum, looks good! Fry's has peaches on sale this week for 75 cents a pound. Can't beat that price! Also, I recently watched Carla Hall on The Chew, twist and open a plum the way Chef John twisted and opened a peach. It did not work for me. Juice ran all over. Maybe the plum was too ripe. I want to learn how to do that trick because it makes it easy to remove the stone.