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Braised Mushroom Meatloaf

Braised meatloaf? Yes, braised meatloaf! Instead of baking a meatloaf and then making mushroom gravy to pour over it, Chef John combines the two techniques! The result? Absolute deliciousness. You’ll see how to make a creamy mushroom gravy, starting with a simple roux. Then use your favorite meatloaf recipe. Place the raw meatloaf in the gravy and braise it in the oven. Check out Chef John's recipe for Creamy Mushroom Meatloaf. It's so simple, easy, and ridiculously tasty!

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  • Paula Cigliano Hernández

the recipe is on

  • Kathleen Towner

I would add the mushroom gravy after i cook the meat loaf,i used shallots to make the gravy i ommited the rosemary and added one minced garlic clove added 1/2 tsp of lemon juice to the mushrooms as i cooked them and made sure they were well done and used the rest of the ingredients mentioned in the recipe.yum!!!

  • Honour MacNeil

I made this gravy and it is delicious! I used a mix of king and button mushrooms and it was equally as good.I paired it with pork loin chops my family loved it. I had some leftovers the next day but no mashed so I decided to make up some rice. Highly recommended ! Yum