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Chef John's Deviled Eggs

In this video, you’ll see how to make perfect deviled eggs. It’s one helluva recipe! What’s the key to delicious deviled eggs? Starting out with perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs. And Chef John will show you a foolproof method for making hard-cooked eggs. You’ll also see how to make candied pepper rings, a beautiful, sinfully delicious topping for the tangy deviled eggs. Get Chef John's recipe for Deviled Eggs. You'll love how cream cheese creates a luxurious texture.

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  • gaby100pr

jajajajaj nice video funny

  • datcook42

lol lol lol very funny and looks good too. I will try this one for sure.

  • Brenda L. McClung Lamp

some people may not think it is soo funny...The recipe is probably good , but do you really need to use the language you did in this video and make hell a joke with food.. I may be the only one but was offended and turned totally off to anymore videos from this guys...