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Garlic: Fresh Vs. Powdered

Do you have one type of garlic on hand and your recipe is calling for the other kind? This video shows you how to convert cloves of fresh garlic to garlic powder—and vice versa. You’ll also learn a bit about garlic and the powder made from ground dehydrated flakes of garlic. Find top-rated recipes that call for fresh or powdered garlic.

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  • Angela Sackett | Superhotmama

i ALWAYS prefer fresh garlic, but this quick little video is easy to remember - 1 clove = 1/8 tsp... will hold onto that little morsel.

  • Shelly Becker

When cooking for picky eaters, you can get onion and garlic flavor in the powdered form and they won't notice. Of course if it is an allergy then any form is off limits.

  • nanacat

i use garlic in almost every is healthy and can truly add a bit of hidden flavor.