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How to Make No-Knead Beer Bread

There’s no need to knead! In this video, you’ll see how to make a rustic beer bread that requires no kneading. There’s not much technique to master here—and just a handful of ingredients to work with! This video gives you simple tips and tricks for ensuring your loaf comes out just right—a little chewy, a little spongy, with a perfect crust. As you watch, you’ll see how the dough should look at the various stages along the way. See Chef John’s recipe for No-Knead Beer Bread.

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  • Maleah12

Am I blind? Where can I get the recipe for this bread?

  • rosariotc

I asked myself the same question and found it here: I'll try it tomorrow, it looks fantastic!

  • miloc

Looks amazing! Recipe please. Thanks