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Baked Camembert

The next time you want to wow them at a party, bring out this creamy Camembert cheese baked with pears and cranberries in a pastry wrapping. Sound impressive? It’s actually very easy to make. In this video, you’ll get step-by-step instructions for rolling and trimming a sheet of store-bought puff pastry to form the wrapping. A round of French Camembert cheese is sliced in half, placed on the pastry sheet, and filled with a simple mixture of sliced pears cooked quickly with dried cranberries in butter. Learn how to wrap and seal the cheese and fruit mixture, and get tips for decorating the top before you bake it to golden perfection. Serve warm with crackers and bread. Get great cheese appetizer recipes

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  • sandie_c

where's the recipe?

  • jryan318

that's what I want to know too


Yes, please.........where's the recipe. How many pears and what's the best?