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How to Make Chocolate Egg Cream

This cold drink is like a lighter version of a chocolate milkshake. In this video, you’ll see how to make chocolate egg cream, a favorite New York City soda fountain drink starring chocolate syrup, cold milk, seltzer water, and absolutely no egg! (No cream either.) Why is it called “egg” cream? Possibly because it has a frothy head that looks like a cocktail shaken with egg whites. But who knows? Be sure to have bendy straws for this one. Get the recipe for Chef John's Chocolate Egg Cream.

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  • yeyie_95

would it make a difference if we used heavy cream instead of milk? then the name makes a bit of sense? ;)

  • LadyT

that sounds yummy too

  • Tricia

I use half cold diet coke and half chocolate milk. Fast and easy.