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How to Make Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This is the perfect side dish for holiday dinners. In this video, you’ll see how to make roasted Brussels sprouts and whole cipollini onions. You’ll see how to prepare your Brussels sprouts so they roast evenly. You’ll learn the secret to par-boiling vegetables. The sprouts and onions are then sautéed in brown butter and roasted in a high-heat oven. So simple. The sprouts come out with a wonderful mild, buttery cabbage flavor. If you didn’t like Brussels sprouts before, you will now! Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John's Roasted Brussels Sprouts. This classic side dish is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dinner menu.

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  • KadyKat

Hi, My name is Lauren, and I liked your video. (And I love Brussels sprouts, but that's another story!) Anyway, I wanted to comment on some of your ideas, if I may. If you want to omit some of the bitterness of sprouts, I suggest you add about a tablespoon of sugar, along with some lemon juice, in the "prep" stage of the sprouts (for the volume of vegetables you showed in the video, that is). Also, I was surprised to hear you did not know that the cipollini onions you used were a bit on the large size. The Italians allow spring onions (scallions, or green onions, depending on where you live in the States) to form a larger bulb (but not as large as what the video displayed), and that's what they sell to the markets. In turn, the Italians make all sorts of wonderful dishes out of these onions - from marinating them in various oils, herbs, and vinegars to stuffing them with all types of delicacies. Anyway, thanks for sharing a lovely recipe. It's nice to see a good recipe for Bruss

  • FrenchCountryRoots

let you know the results of my try

  • gtc

I can't wait to try this. I looks yummy, and I, like you, do not like BS. My husband does and normally doesn't get them because I don't like them. Hope I can find those onions!