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Perfect Prime Rib

In this video, you’ll see Chef John’s secret method for creating prime rib that’s perfectly pink and extra moist in the center with a delicious crispy crust. This roasting method hits that magical sweet spot between rare and medium rare. The secret here is…math! But it’s easy math. The trick is to bring the bone-in roast to room temperature before putting it in the oven. Then, it’s a big blast of high heat to sear the surface of the meat, followed by very slow cooking with the oven off. See how it’s done! You’ll also see how to remove the bones before slicing the gorgeous, moist roast. Get the recipe for Chef John's Perfect Prime Rib. It's truly the perfect holiday meal.

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  • maggiejanet1

How do I save this video for "Perfect Prime Rib"? It's my favorite meat. Or, the recipe for it with instructions.

  • Owen Keren

Can't wait to try this recipe! The color of meat is so inviting! I trust Chef John after I tried his meatloaf recipe!

  • Brad Cacace

This is what we are having for Christmas :)