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Low-Fat Pumpkin Flan

All the flavor with less fat. Isn’t that what we all want? This video gives you an easy recipe for a light version of pumpkin flan made with low-fat milk instead of heavy cream or half-and-half. A rich and delicious custard dessert, pumpkin flan is perfect for fall dinner parties or any time of year. You’ll learn how to cook sugar and water to make a classic caramel sauce for the flan. See how to whisk up a custard with eggs, spices, and canned pumpkin. Get great prep tips for warming the milk for the custard, and see a demo for scraping out a vanilla bean to flavor the milk. It’s really easy! Watch to see how to fill individual ramekins with the caramel and custard, and bake in a hot-water bath. Garnish with pumpkin seeds and serve. Get the recipe for Low-Fat Pumpkin Flan. It's an amazing dessert for Thanksgiving dinner! Do you have to tell your guests they’re enjoying a low-fat dessert? Not really.

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  • susy

need a recipe lists please. I am deaf and don't have a caption closed or cannot hear. :-) thank you

  • LisaBoban

You can get the recipe at the Food Wishes blog. But here's the link:

  • LisaBoban