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Chef John's Chicken Kiev

See how to make impressive chicken Kiev. True, it’s about as Russian and/or Ukrainian as a corn dog. But it's undeniably delicious and impressive, no matter what city or cuisine it’s meant to represent. You'll start with the incredibly flavorful garlic and Italian parsley butter that’s hidden inside the rolled, breaded chicken breasts. Is it worky? A little. But it’s not difficult. And the additional effort is so worth it. Moist and tender inside, a little crispy-crunchy outside, with that secret garlic-butter center, it cannot fail to impress. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Chef John’s Chicken Kiev. It’s a terrific meal for anniversary or Valentine’s Day dinners.

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  • Elaine Yeoh

This is an amazing recipe! Really works and I followed every step and the trick to rest it really turned out a perfectly cooked chicken - beautifully cooked - thank you so much Chef John!

  • Sari Boudreau

Would I be able to add some mozza or parmesan in the middle with the garlic butter?

  • grandma7

Is it possible to use soy/rice milk instead of egg to dip chicken into before coating with bread crumbs. Grandchildren allergic to egg. So many recipes call for egg wash!